Between ambitious twenty-somethings juggling an internship, study, part-time jobs and a blog, and working ‘supermums’ pretending to stay on top of it all via filtered daily Instagrams, how much time is left over to enjoy the fruits of our labour? Do any of these people actually finish a series on Netflix?

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Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg

Most of us accept ‘time poverty’ as a necessary condition of employment, though you hear of those doing the sea- or tree-change and opting for a slower life with less material matters. Surely we can meet halfway?

It might sound a bit well-duh, but how about instead of using time to make money, we use money to save time?

A study reported in the Wall Street Journal recently found that people do feel happier if they spend their money on saving time – outsourcing tasks like cleaning the house and fetching the groceries – yet most of us either don’t think of it, or through some innate sense of guilt choose not to do it.

A team of professors at Harvard tested the theory of ‘buying time to reduce stress’ on people of various incomes and found its benefits over buying material things were consistent across the range. Yet when the same groups were then given the choice: spend money on stuff or on saving time, a tiny percentage chose the latter.

Hiring fortnightly cleaners does wonders for our own happiness. Online grocery shopping is another one. Personally, we used to devote entire afternoons to negotiating treats in trollies and playing catch around the freezer section only to give up on half the list for fear of a tantrum. Now I smugly tot up those grocery items with my index finger while the toddler makes Playdoh cupcakes and everyone’s a winner.

But groceries-smocheries; let’s face it, real happiness is achieved when we save time while fulfilling less mundane material needs.

If you use a digital personal stylist via an app like Shop You to sift through the infinite online outfit options, you’re buying things and saving time all in one. And you might finally get to finish that series on Netflix.

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