Life is made up of fashion moments. You see an outfit in the window and you have to have it.

Proudly Australian owned by the family who started it all, Cue has been at the forefront of Australian fashion for 50 years. In 1968, at the height of Mod, Carnaby Street and Beatlemania, and inspired by the latest looks from London, Cue introduced a modern point of view to Australian fashion. Opening its first store in Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade, Cue introduced trend driven and ambitious styles in-store each week.


Since the brand’s adoption, Cue has danced through disco, rocked the power suits of the Eighties and embraced Nineties minimalism. Today Cue continues to celebrate what is new and next – from a uniquely Australian perspective.

Their latest campaign, “Still Making in Australia” highlights the fashion house’s dedication to cater to Australian women’s tastes.

“We are proud to produce locally. It’s what keeps us in fashion.” (Cue, 2018)

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