Which Body Shape Are You?

The Complete Guide: Dressing For Your Body Shape

No two bodies are the same – but how do we decipher our God-given body shape from a bunch of fruits and geometrics?

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Rectangle Body Shape

You’re a Rectangle if your body measurements are consistent all the way down and you have an undefined waist.  

As the name suggests, Rectangles can be a bit straight up and down (they’re also known as Rulers), so you might need a little wardrobe assistance to create those ‘feminine’ curves.

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Apple Body Shape

You’re an Apple if you have smaller shoulders, hips, bottom and legs, but a large chest and round belly with undefined waist.

Lots of Apples have legs to die for and could even look hot in green tights!

Hourglass Body Shape

Your Hourglass shape is the body shape category that less than 5% of women fall into.

You have perfect proportions between your upper and lower body with a well-defined waist.

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Pear Body Shape

If you’re smaller at the shoulders and wider at the hips, thighs and backside, consider yourself a Pear body shape.

Most Pears are also smaller at the bustline but others are larger, and they tend to cruise between Pear and Hourglass.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Anyone who has shied from strapless for fear of looking like a man in drag would probably be the owner of an Inverted Triangle (or ‘pyramid’ as it’s sometimes known).

You’re more like a cocktail glass than an Hourglass, with hips that are narrower than your shoulders and often (but not always) your chest.

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