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Good News: You’ve secured an incredible opportunity. But wait, what do you wear?

Setting yourself up for success through style might sound farfetched – but in reality, it is one of the most important aspects of seeking or transitioning into a new role. In differentiating oneself from their competitors, mindful styling is far from optional. A general rule is to think “three pieces” – a shirt, jacket and well tailored pants. But what you wear depends on what industry you are going into.

Your personal stylist is waiting with your workwear picks here. For style inspiration, keep on reading.

Traditional Corporations

For larger corporate companies, nothing can beat a well tailored suit. When it comes to suits, Tailoring is key: the pant or skirt should be comfortably fitted to your body. Then let your outfit breath with a looser top, tucked in or flowing out. Your jacket should fall straight from the shoulders to convey professionalism and boldness.

Creative or Design Companies

If you are going into creative or design industries, the key is to communicate who you are through your style. “When I’m hiring, I like to see an outfit that tells me the candidate has a personal sense of style,” says Paul Howalt, creative director and owner of Tactix Creative. Add interest by adding an accent colour or texture with one of your 3 items. You can also wear your favourite brand or designer to stylise your outfit further. But remember: if stuck, an all-black outfit can always save the day.

Tech Start-Ups

For the tech industry, casual attire is usually acceptable or even preferred. That said, it is better to overdress than underdress for an interview. Put on black cropped pants with a statement T or a loose button up. Finish the look with a leather good.

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