Written by Nadia

We all have a fashion personality that encompasses who we are. 

We took a quick poll around the Shop You office and identified three main fashion personalities when it comes to shopping. So, which one of these shopping personas best represents you?

1. The professional stylist

Key characteristics:

You prefer unique pieces over the season’s must-haves and if it’s vintage, it’s even better;
You swear by a detailed budget which you adhere strictly to self-imposed spending limits;
You set calendar alerts for the best online sales.

Who are you?

Let’s get one thing clear first: being Happy to Wait doesn’t mean you go crazy come sale time. You tend to strike the balance between being open to opportunity and planning ahead. It all starts with a strict budget—you’re likely to have a monthly spending limit for fashion purchases which you won’t exceed no matter how perfect that handbag is. Instead, you’d prefer to wade it out until they turn up on a designer outlet site. You are definitely the friend everyone else should be asking for shopping tips – you know about all the best sales and where to source great pre-loved pieces.

2. The planner

Key characteristics:

You keep a close eye on seasonal trend reports to identify the biggest hitters;
You allow for only one or two key pieces per season;
You stick to a curated style aesthetic whilst carefully evolving your look;

Who are you?

You’re a woman with a defined and firm personal style. Your wardrobe is almost uniform like which makes it easier for you to identify which fashion pieces you should invest in next. Each major purchase is preceded by research into everything from the best shipping fees, styling notes to the anticipated cost-per-wear – the Planned persona might argue this is the most important element. Once you’ve decided on the winner, you’ll maneuver your finances to accommodate for the purchase, even if it means sacrifices lunch for the next two weeks because because you know a well-selected piece is ‘worth the price tag.’

3. The instinctual buyer

Key characteristics:

You’re not afraid to try new trends;
You always find a way to buy brand new and you’ll happily pay full price;
You know the new product release dates of your favourite online stores by heart.

Who are you?

We all have a Need It Now friend— maybe you are that friend. You eagerly track delivery of the next It Jacket before the rest of us have even heard about the trend. You tend to be a style chameleon with a seemingly endless wardrobe and a knack for finding your own take on every trend. It can be an expensive hobby, but you savvy shoppers will sell your pre-loved designer pieces to balance out the spending.

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