Written by Nadia

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is an iconic fashion designer and Women’s Rights Activist, hosting the annual DVF awards that celebrate women’s achievements globally. Diane won the Award for Positive Change in the recent 2018 CFDA Awards, an award that “reflects the American fashion industry’s honourable propensity toward giving back to the world around them in the context of Swarovski’s heritage in philanthropy.” (Nadja Swarovski, 2018).

Since Shop You was founded, Diane Von Furstenberg has been a #WomanWeLove for wisdom, class, strength – and her relentless support for other women.

For the Woman who loves being a woman.

Diane’s designs are sexy and sophisticated – her 2019-2020 Resort collection fashions delicately crafted patterns in practical designs that assist free movement and accentuate the female form.

“I’ve never met a woman who is not strong, but sometimes they don’t let it out. Then there’s a tragedy, and then all of a sudden that strength comes. My message is to let the strength come out before the tragedy.” – Diane Von Furstenberg, 2014

“Beware of your thoughts for they become words, beware of your words for they become actions, beware of your actions for they become habits, beware of your habits for they become character, beware of your character for it becomes your destiny.” – Diane Von Furstenberg, 2014

“Don’t blame your parents, don’t blame your boyfriend, don’t blame the weather. Accept the reality, embrace the challenge, and deal with it. Be in charge of your own life. Turn negatives into positives and be proud to be a woman.” – Diane Von Furstenberg, 2014

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