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“The best reality check is to know your strengths and own up to your weaknesses, and play to both.” – Pip Edwards

Pip Edwards, the Co-Founder and Director of P.E Nation is taking Australia to the global stage. With 15 years’ solid experience as a stylist, designer and creative in the industry, Pip founded P.E Nation in 2016 with Claire Tregoning whom she met as Sass & Bide. Since then, the brand has won 2018 National Designer’s Award and the Etihad Airways Emerging Talent Award at the Australian Fashion Laureate Awards in 2017 – positioning itself as Australia’s favourite fashion brands.

Pip Edwards is a #WomanWeLove, because of her confident boldnessbusiness acumen and unique creative eye.

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P.E. Nation: to get you through your day with minimal effort, maximum comfort, whilst being fully functional and fashion-approved.

P.E. Nation reflects Pip’s tomboy attitude and a truly retro feel that encompasses 90’s music, street style and high-tech activewear. The brand is about versatility and functionality whilst being fashionable; “for women like me, who are juggling work, life, home, motherhood.” Pip adds.

“Know your business. Trust your gut as no one knows your business better than you.”

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“It’s a mix of gut, experience, and vision that gets you through.”

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“When I select designer pieces, I pick the more casual pieces and mix them back with denim, trainers and tees to make the look be more natural and effortless.”

“It all starts from the feet up!”

Images courtesy of Pip Edwards’ Instagram, FBI Fashion College, POPSUGAR

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