Written by Nadia

Let’s face it, it’s time your workwear got some promotion.


That black cardigan and those ballet flats has been working back-to-back with no vacation for months on end. And we know, women don’t have to feel that they have to look their absolute best every day to be recognised as professional. But there is always that side of you that want to power walk into that grey (literally and metaphorically) office with bold, trendy style to take over the world. So, why not do just that?

Colour Pop

With Colour Play, dressing up for the office can’t be made easier. Pick a colour that you know have and will make you look amazing. Then integrate that colour into your top or jacket to make it complement the tone of your face. Alternatively you can go big or go home by choosing a dress in that colour – but remember to keep the style simple to not overdress too much. Classic styles such as A-line, wrap, mermaid, straight line dresses are good examples.

Rethink Classic

Classic looks are often preferred within a corporate environment, but that doesn’t mean it has to set your style back. Adding a twist here and there can easily brighten up your classic work outfits. Bump up your classic blazer with a stripe or herringbone. The classic black pant can stay, but change up the texture by fashioning a leather pant this coming week. Even the white shirt can become a statement piece, when you consider different sleeve shapes and panelling through the torso.

Basic Brilliance

An all black or all white outfit is as much of a statement as a head to toe red power suit. Your choice to exclude colour from your outfit communicates that you are a bold person that likes to get work done in the most simplistic way possible. With a monochrome outfit, scale is key – loosen up either the top or bottom piece. If wanting to keep your silhouette clean and fitted, throw on a scarf or shoe of a different texture or colour to lift the heaviness of the all black or white.

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