Gaby’s Style Profile

Founder & CEO of Flaunter

Flaunter makes it easy for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers. They help brands distribute and track their PR and marketing content and provide a centralised library for journalists to access free content on demand.

Instagram: @flauntermedia_

Describe what you do.

I’m the Founder and CEO of Flaunter. Flaunter makes it easier for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers around the world.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

In a professional sense – Flaunter. I LOVE what I do and the problem I’m trying to solve. I am incredibly proud of the team and what we are achieving together. It’s not an easy journey but everyday we are growing. I’ve come to love feeling out of my depth, because with that often comes the incredible feeling of conquering something new.

Image from Marie Claire.

Describe your style in three words.

Relaxed, polished, minimal.

What are your three go-to fashion brands?

Going with 5: Bassike, Ellery, macgraw, Celine, Dion Lee.

For your day-to-day look at work, what are your staple pieces?

A lot of black and white. Often I’ll dress head-to-toe  in a single tone to keep things simple. Always flat shoes. Minimal jewellery. I love calf length fluid skirts, more structured tops, anything high waisted, a beautifully cut blazer & jeans.

Image from Marie Claire.


How do you elevate your workwear from a day to night look?

Often I don’t. I actually prefer to look relaxed so I rarely ‘dress up’ for night. I’ll wear a stronger perfume, add a belt, stronger makeup and MAYBE a heel. I guess it helps that I never really feel like I wear ‘workwear’ – I’m always wearing what I love.

How does your job impact your style choices?

Probably in all the ways you can image when running a company in the fashion, interiors and beauty industries 🙂  Having said that I’ve always dressed for myself and what makes me feel most comfortable and confident. While I don’t ‘dress up’ often, I love dressing up.

Name one style rule you think all women should break.

I’m not sure … I probably break them all! Are there rules anymore?!

And now, five quick-fire questions! Heels or flats?


New York or Paris?

Too hard!!! Paris, by a nose.

Lace or leather?


White t-shirt or white shirt?


Dress or pantsuit?

Well tailored pants are life-changing.